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Sweet Irony

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Total Black: -$199.84
Total Red: $269,947.64

Total black has been sliding further and further into the red.  I noted in Oops . . . I Did It Again that two bills were pending: a check to the landlord and a check to a doctor—both remaining debts from living in New York.  Both checks cleared, but because of the kinks in getting my finances online in a new city, they cleared with a negative balance.  I was able to get enough into one of my two checking accounts with Bank of America to cover the gap caused by the rent check.  But not enough for the check to the doctor.  Bank of America, of course, charged me an insufficient funds fee for both.  Then, in the other checking account, as I noted in And Again . . . , I got hit with a third insufficient funds fee when a student loan I had on automatic bill pay posted, drawing me into the red.  That’s three bills that cleared, but brought me under.  Today Bank of America just charged me an extended overdrawn balance charge on one account.  I imagine another is in its way for the second checking account.  I can’t imagine any better example of adding salt to the wound than to hit your customers with two fees for the same transaction.  Obviously, if you didn’t have the funds to begin with, you may not have them five days late.  But that’s how the big banks do business, I guess. 

It’s just sweet irony that I’m on track to end this year-long effort with more debt and less income than at any point over the past year.  That laugh of the absurd when you must simply throw back your head and let out a hearty chuckle.  I can’t do anything until my paycheck arrives on Thursday.  And even then, I’d have to deposit it in my checking account at Bank of St. Croix and then transfer enough funds to Bank of America—a process that takes at least three business days.  And oddly, when you set-up that transfer on a Thursday or Friday, it seems to take a full week, i.e., slower than if you wait until Monday morning.

I’m beginning to question my decision to set up direct deposit with Bank of America instead of Bank of St. Croix.  I suspect that I might have a better chance getting fees waived by a bank with two branches instead of nearly six thousand, as of a 2004 article in the New York Times by Timothy L. O’Brien.  Bank of America prides itself on calling its clients as customers, according to the article.  Eh . . . I think “client” is the better of the two, especially when the customer is not, and arguably can never be in that industry, king.

In other news, Lady did not return today.  And Lord surfaced quite late.  Sadly, I walked around on eggshells all day not looking to wake the sleeping dragon.  Piss poor way to live, but as Daughter explained it, Lord was shaking in anger and had been about to hit her when he stormed off  last night.  This isn’t his daughter.  It’s his girlfriend’s daughter.  Once Lord surfaced, he stopped by to ask whether I’d heard the “storm” last night.  And again, I lied and said no, just a few doors slamming.  I finally was able to give him the rent.  And as we stood there in awkwardness he mentioned that Daughter had thrown a glass of wine at him.  She left that out of yesterday’s story.  Anyone who resorts to violence as a means to solve problems is—as Officemate told me is a saying here in the U.S. Virgin Islands—someone you should feed with a long spoon.  I’m not looking to for that baby to bite or spit up on me.  Their domestic quarrels need to stay theirs.

Thursday can’t come fast enough.

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