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Lounging Around

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Total Black: $681.94
Total Red: $228,415.87

My trip to magical Orlando was a success.  Lounging in the lobby of the hotel as I write this entry.  Meetings have concluded but my flight isn’t until this evening.  I’m leaving with a title and without a tan.  And thankfully I didn’t spend nearly as much as I had feared I would, or would have had to.  Tomorrow it’ll be back to the daily grind.  But that’s ok.  I’m looking forward to it.  Even more so because I learned a new word on this trip that I can’t wait to start using.  And even doing.  What’s the new word? Keep reading . . .

A Whole New World

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Total Black: $681.94
Total Red: $228,415.87

I couldn’t help the Disney dig.  Board meetings all day long.  I also ended up spending more than I expected because of the layout of Orlando.  I had thought I’d be able to walk from my hotel to the area where our meetings are being held.  I didn’t know that the Disney area outside Orlando is a magical land where sidewalks don’t really exist and taxis and shuttles must cart you everywhere.  But despite the added cost, the trip has been worth it.  Both from a mental health perspective and a career one. Keep reading . . .

Business Travel

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Total Black: $681.94
Total Red: $228,429.83

I didn’t sleep last night.  I was up late posting yesterday’s entry as well as packing and getting the apartment ready for this short trip away.  And I was excited about coming to Orlando.  I sprang for a taxi to the airport this morning at 4am because I didn’t want to risk missing my flight if I did take the subway at that late hour.  I ended up missing it anyway because of JetBlue’s current reservations fiasco.  I stood in line for over ninety minutes.  That was my first and last time using JetBlue.  But once I made it past security and to the ticked area, I had an odd flashback to a few years ago when I traveled fairly frequently for business.  I miss it. Keep reading . . .

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February 5, 2010 at 23:19