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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

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Total Black: $679.34
Total Red: $236,651.39

Despite best efforts, I have not been able to keep up with this blog on a daily basis.  Recent comments reveal readers frustrations as well.  Trust me, I’m there with my readers.  But given the hours I’ve been working lately, and all-nighters, like yesterday in Over and Over and Over Again, it’s damn near impossible to work two jobs and keep this blog current.  So I’ve compromised a bit.  Keep reading . . .

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May 19, 2010 at 22:40

The Tax Man Cometh

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Total Black: $895.39
Total Red: $236,627.92

Well, the dreaded day has arrived.  Another of those salmon-colored slips arrived the other day.  The same I decried back in Buggin’ Me Again.  I retrieved the piece of mail this morning.  It was the from the Internal Revenue Service.  Final Notice of Intent to Levy.  Keep reading . . .

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May 17, 2010 at 23:59

Two Weeks Left

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Total Black: $961.36
Total Red: $235,291.98

It’s downhill from here.  Only two weeks remaining until I my time in New York is finished.  But you really couldn’t tell if you looked around.  Hardly anything packed.  I’m still working insane hours.  And neither looked poised to change any time soon.  Keep reading . . .

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May 16, 2010 at 23:41

Runnin’ Me Ragged

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Total Black: $3,013.26
Total Red: $234,907.81

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.  Mine, unfortunately, doesn’t get to spend it with this child.  I worked all day.  Again.  At both jobs.  Again.  And in a few hours I fly to the new location to find for an apartment.  Keep reading . . .

One Long Day

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Total Black: $3,071.10
Total Red: $235,268.81

Another long day of work in New York City.  It started around 7am this morning and didn’t end until after 3am the next day.  After the nice afternoon yesterday, discussed in A Nice Afternoon, I ended up having pay back today the time taken from yesterday.  Keep reading . . .

No Holidays For Lawyers

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Total Black: $1,066.57
Total Red: $228,867.93

A few days ago, while at the contract attorney position, I got to talking with the office manager for the attorney temporary staffing agency’s off-site location.  She was working quite late, as was I, and I inquired why.  A new project was starting up and some computer problem had occurred.  She had to stick around until the situation was solved otherwise the project wouldn’t have been able to start on time.  It got me wondering why Law is all-consuming. Keep reading . . .