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Island Living

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Total Black: $155.55
Total Red: $251,982.09

Today’s post almost wasn’t.  Electricity on island is a bit touch-and-go at times and today was one time when it went.  And took a while to come back.  With electricity out, the internet modem goes out as well.  Clearly it’s back on if I’m posting, but I’ll be brief in case it cuts out again.  Aside: it is dark here without lights.  I forgot how beautiful and vivid the night sky is.  But it’s also spooky when the rustle of a palm tree makes you think some animal . . . or person . . . may be around the corner.  To date on island I’ve seen bats, iguanas, deer—opened my door one morning to a startled buck chomping on the shrubs—storks, geckos, a huge strange beetle, and a few mongooses.  Or would that be mongeese?  Keep reading . . .

And Done

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Total Black: $543.66
Total Red: $247,910.21

Finally.  I paid the remaining balance on the new car today.  Correction—I paid the remaining balance on the down-payment for the new car today.  Picture doesn’t look as bad as I worried it could have been. Keep reading . . .

Almost There

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Total Black: $2,020.47
Total Red: $250,185.27

Total red and total black are both up.  But the numbers aren’t completely accurate, however.    Keep reading . . .

Supplemental Day of Accounting

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Total Black: $85.38
Total Red: $243,602.66

Total Red is down from earlier this week—all-time high of $246K.  But it’s up from yesterday’s post: My First Car.  And all numbers are up from my Eleventh Day of Accounting, so I thought perhaps I’d update my numbers before the 10th of the month, especially because of the recent changes to my finances.  An abbreviated version follows below: Keep reading . . .

My First Car

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Total Black: $85.38
Total Red: $242,876.35

Today I purchased my first car.  At thirty-four years old.  My first automobile.  Not Grandma’s ol’ wheels no longer needed.  Not a hand-me-down from mom or dad, so to speak. Mine.  Granted, of course, that I purchased it with an auto loan and loaned funds from my mother, but it’s still my car.  Title in my name.  And I hugged it before I climbed in.  Read the rest of this entry »

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June 22, 2010 at 22:15

Fifteen Days

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Total Black: $890.88
Total Red: $243,714.55

Today I attended a young professional’s networking event for the St. Croix chamber of commerce.  It was enjoyable and gave occasion to meet a number of local professionals and to hobnob a bit.  Naturally the requisite prefatory questions ensued: what do you do?  where are you from? when did you get here?  “Fifteen days ago,” I said.  Keep reading . . .

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June 17, 2010 at 23:25

Limits and Liens and Loans

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Total Black: $906.89
Total Red: $241,059.05

Oh my!  Oh my!  Oh my!  I went looking for a jeep today.  Not sure how this will work out. Keep reading . . .