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Sweet Irony

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Total Black: -$199.84
Total Red: $269,947.64

Total black has been sliding further and further into the red.  I noted in Oops . . . I Did It Again that two bills were pending: a check to the landlord and a check to a doctor—both remaining debts from living in New York.  Both checks cleared, but because of the kinks in getting my finances online in a new city, they cleared with a negative balance.  I was able to get enough into one of my two checking accounts with Bank of America to cover the gap caused by the rent check.  But not enough for the check to the doctor.  Bank of America, of course, charged me an insufficient funds fee for both.  Then, in the other checking account, as I noted in And Again . . . , I got hit with a third insufficient funds fee when a student loan I had on automatic bill pay posted, drawing me into the red.  That’s three bills that cleared, but brought me under.  Today Bank of America just charged me an extended overdrawn balance charge on one account.  I imagine another is in its way for the second checking account.  I can’t imagine any better example of adding salt to the wound than to hit your customers with two fees for the same transaction.  Obviously, if you didn’t have the funds to begin with, you may not have them five days late.  But that’s how the big banks do business, I guess.  Keep reading . . .

Just Call Me Jean

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Total Black: -$124.84
Total Red: $269,947.64

I noted in Pocket Full of Change that I was a bit short on cash this week due to ironing out the kinks in getting set up on a budget.  What I didn’t note there—or in similar posts—is that in the past I’ve sometimes had to subsist on borrowed bread during these times of lean.  But I’m no Jean Valjean, stealing a loaf of bread.  Or am I?  Keep reading . . .

What a Mint!

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Total Black: $2,352.41
Total Red: $269,991.43

Last Sunday, while bored at home waiting to leave to meet some guy for one of those quasi-dates—those “let’s grab a drink” things.  Never materialized.  It was raining too much.  The place we were going to meet at was closed on Sundays.  He’s local so I suspect he may have gotten cold feet.  But I digress.  Anyway, while waiting at home to leave, I started browsing the App Store on iTunes on my iPhone.  Time-killer, right?  Well, I came across one app, Seize the Day, that looked interesting.  Downloaded it.  It’s an app to keeps track of tasks and alerts you to outstanding To-Do list items.  Do we need it?  No.  We can just take a pad of paper and create our own To-Do list.  The iPhone has a Notes section too.  But I thought, why not!  Anything to help organization in this cluttered, electronic world.  But it was the app for the personal finance website that really intrigued me.  Keep reading . . .

Oops . . . I Did It Again

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Total Black: $2,358.16
Total Red: $269,991.43

Well, it looks like I haven’t ironed out the kinks in my financial systems here.  I’ve sent $1,200.00 to the canceled Visa card.  Balance is down to $2,900.00 from $4,000.00 back in Twelfth Day of Accounting.  I’ve also transferred funds from my Bank of St. Croix account to my Bank of America account.  Already made the IRS payment for this month.  But somewhere in the mix, something went awry.  Keep reading . . .

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July 26, 2010 at 21:21

Water Water Everywhere

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Total Black: $4,638.28
Total Red: $270,550.77

That’s not my car.  But that’s pretty much what driving around St. Croix has been like for the past two days.  And it’s not going to let up any time soon.  The court let everyone go home thirty minutes early today.  We may not have work tomorrow if the roads are closed.  It’s kinda crazy.  And this is just heavy rain.  Keep reading . . .

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July 20, 2010 at 23:00

Burning a Hole

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Total Black: $3,371.21
Total Red: $270,855.95

Since I was a kid, my mother has always said that money burned a hole in my pocket.  Guess I haven’t changed much.  Well . . . no . . . somewhat I have actually.  I got paid today.  Almost $3,400.00 after taxes and other deductions, about $5,100 before—a check representing five weeks of pay.  But I’m starting to feel that heat rising on my backside.  In the interim, I opened a local checking account with the Bank of St. Croix.  It can’t hurt to have a bank account here.  Keep reading . . .

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

July 15, 2010 at 23:01

Twelfth Day of Accounting

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Total Black: $109.30

Here’s the Breakdown:

Primary Checking: $12.21
Secondary Checking: $80.64
Savings: $5.50
PayPal Account (Personal): $0.00
PayPal Account (Blog): $0.00
Amazon Payments Account: $0.005
Mutual Funds Account: $0.00

FICO Score 513

Total Red: $270,527.19

Here’s the breakdown:

Credit Card Debt:

Master Card: $4,699.50
Visa: $7,651.50
Visa: $4,000.00
American Express: $2,382.10
Raymour & Flanagan Credit Line: $6,340.68
Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card: -$0.10

Student Loan Debt:

Federal Stafford Loans: $94,504.20
Private Student Loans: $31,610.26

Back Taxes:

IRS (2007): $0.00
IRS (2008): $27,041.05
IRS (2009): $0.00

NY State (2008): $0.00
NY State (2009): $0.00

Other Loans:

My mother: $72,000.00
My sister: $1,800.00
Auto loan: $18,498.00

Well, there it is.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  All laid out.  And that’s about as “bad” and as “ugly” as it’s gonna get.  But certainly not as good.  Keep reading . . .

And Done

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Total Black: $543.66
Total Red: $247,910.21

Finally.  I paid the remaining balance on the new car today.  Correction—I paid the remaining balance on the down-payment for the new car today.  Picture doesn’t look as bad as I worried it could have been. Keep reading . . .

Almost There

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Total Black: $2,020.47
Total Red: $250,185.27

Total red and total black are both up.  But the numbers aren’t completely accurate, however.    Keep reading . . .

Gotta Hold On

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Total Black: $179.87
Total Red: $245,700.21

My mother telephoned today.  The money still isn’t available.  And probably won’t be on Monday either—the day I’m supposed to pay the IRS.  Gotta hold on.   Keep reading . . .

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

June 25, 2010 at 22:27

Supplemental Day of Accounting

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Total Black: $85.38
Total Red: $243,602.66

Total Red is down from earlier this week—all-time high of $246K.  But it’s up from yesterday’s post: My First Car.  And all numbers are up from my Eleventh Day of Accounting, so I thought perhaps I’d update my numbers before the 10th of the month, especially because of the recent changes to my finances.  An abbreviated version follows below: Keep reading . . .

Absolutely Infuriating

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Total Black: $85.38
Total Red: $246,889.20

I spent nearly two hours today on the telephone with Bank of America.  And I’m practically at my wits-end.  Keep reading . . .

And Back Again

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Total Black: $21.56
Total Red: $243,889.20

Despite the hellishly long day in L.A. For a Day, I got a decent amount of sleep.  I awoke around 4:15am, showered, dressed, and checked out of the hotel.  Hopped the free shuttle five minutes later and in about twenty I was at LAX, checking in.  My day back was going to be long: Los Angeles to Miami, Miami to San Juan, San Juan to St. Croix.  And it was wrought with opportunities for connections to go awry.  But it didn’t.  I arrived back in St. Croix after 8pm Atlantic Time, having departed Los Angeles at 6am Pacific Time.  Thankfully, I was able to withdraw cash at a branch of Bank of America the day prior, so I grabbed a St. Croix taxi back to the courthouse, jumped in my rental Jeep and drove home.

I was never happier to see my own bed—even if it’s only been mine for just twenty days now.

Total black is down because of my branch bank withdrawal.  Total red has stayed about the same.  For now.

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June 20, 2010 at 22:43

L.A. For a Day

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Total Black: $21.86
Total Red: $243,763.00

After the long day referenced in Miami Is Not Nice, I was not looking forward to a long night on the airport floor.  But I had another offer.  Wasn’t sure whether I should take it though.  But I did. Read the rest of this entry »

Miami Is Not Nice

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Total Black: $221.13
Total Red: $243,731.55

And I’ll say it thrice.  (Lil’ “Golden Girls” reference there.)  

But seriously, today sucked.  I’m flying to Los Angeles to attend the wedding of a good friend from law school.  My day started with more bank fiascos and then a flight delay and then a missed connection.  And a forced one thereafter, so to speak.  I wish I could just turn around and go back.  Keep reading . . .

Limits and Liens and Loans

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Total Black: $906.89
Total Red: $241,059.05

Oh my!  Oh my!  Oh my!  I went looking for a jeep today.  Not sure how this will work out. Keep reading . . .

Head Meet Wall

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Total Black: $6.41
Total Red: $226,422.43

Well, it happened again.  Insufficient funds fees.  Three of them.  And once again it happened because the only student loan I have on automatic debit, the only bill I have left on automatic debit, slipped my mind.  Even I have to wonder how many times my head must meet that wall. Keep reading . . .

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March 1, 2010 at 23:57

Bark Bigger Than Bite

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Total Black: $1,066.57
Total Red: $228,896.15

Well.  I finally did it.  I answered the call.  Picked up the telephone.  Twice actually. Keep reading . . .

Credit Schmedit

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Total Black: $1,086.75
Total Red: $228,537.78

Well, looks like I got my wish.  So to speak.  Just yesterday in Seventh Day of Accounting, I expressed my disdain for a particular credit card and noted that it was next on my debt elimination radar screen.  I sent a payment to that card this morning: a $700.00 payment.  Later in the day I got a bit impatient and decided to check the card’s website to see whether the payment posted yet.  Former MBNA credit cards can’t be viewed or managed through Bank of America’s website.  And what did I discover when I checked? Keep reading . . .

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February 11, 2010 at 23:40

Stressed Out

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Total Black: $41.89
Total Red: $229,148.69

Over the past few days, I’ve been feeling extremely and unusually stressed out.  Not exactly panicky, but damn near it.  And it’s really over nothing.  Total red creeped up a bit because of finance charges and a few purchases.  It’s only up by about by about $200.  Not unreasonable.  Images come to mind of dough that keeps rising and then needs to be punched back down.  Or whack-a-mole.  Or even a hydra: cut off one head and two more grow back in its place.  I’m working two jobs.  Last week I put in sixty-three hours at the contract attorney position.  Yet it feels like I’m spinning my wheels.  I’m not.  Not really.  The only major drain on incoming finance is my apartment.  And I’ve heard enough from commenters on that one.  So much so that I’m almost beginning to dread going home.  That’s a horrible feeling to dread the only refuge you have.  I’ve been bringing or making my lunch nearly every day this week and last.  Me and Dinty Moore have grown apart.  I’ve been steppin’ out with Hormel.  Add some ketchup, a bit of brown sugar, and nuke it for about three minutes and you’ve got a tasty lunch that fills you for quite a while.  So why am I still so nervous? Keep reading . . .

Wise or Unwise

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Total Black: $1,551.96
Total Red: $229,283.54

Whether wise or unwise, I’ve done it: as set out in Resolutions For the New Year, one credit card will be paid off by the end of January.  That leaves me with another to pay off by the end of February and then a student loan by March.  And I can’t wait!  As odd as it may sound, I actually can’t wait to pay bills now. Keep reading . . .

Creature of the Night

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Total Black: $344.48
Total Red: $230,715.35

I awoke this morning with a feeling of unnameable dread from the night before.  I had certainly had enough to drink.  Nothing near the amount consumed in A Day Without a Post, but enough to keep my engine running until 5am.  I hinted in And More Jollification at some of my late night activities.  I opted to post part two separately both because the events of last night technically occurred today and because they go to a deeper financial confession I’ve not yet made.   Keep reading . . .

Semicolon And

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Total Black: -$28.87
Total Red: $230,428.32

I spent a few hours over the weekend helping my colleague again. Yes, the same colleague who has not yet paid me for work done in August and who seems to trigger multiple comments. I guess I’m a sucker for helping people in need. But in his defense, I don’t think he’s billed the company yet for our hours, so it’s not that he’s holding out on me. He’s received an offer from the government office we both worked pro bono at so he needs to finish up his consulting work as quickly as possible. You can’t work as a government attorney and have clients on the side. Keep reading . . .

A Cold Blustery Walk Home

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Total Black: $63.30
Total Red: $230,428.32

As I walked to the subway this morning, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in hand, I remembered that my subway card was per use and not unlimited monthly.  Last week, when it ran out, I thought I’d save a bit and buy per ride instead of the monthly pass because of the days I’d lose this month over the holidays.  Not a smart idea as I forgot that I was running low on rides on the card and I spent the few remaining dollars I had on that damn cup of coffee.  I had enough to get me to work on time, but nothing to get me back home. Keep reading . . .

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December 21, 2009 at 23:04

More Shenanigans

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Total Black: $295.48
Total Red: $231,123.38

Pay came through last night.  In fact, I was still awake around 2 a.m. when it showed up in my account.  I had been slowly siphoning the money in my secondary checking account, money that I had parked there for the COBRA payment to the firm.  By yesterday afternoon the check still hadn’t been cashed, so I transferred the remaining money into my primary checking account to use it buy a few things, like lunch and some groceries.  So last night when I saw that my paycheck had been deposited and the check still hadn’t been cashed, I quickly transferred the $399.22 (covering two months) back into the other checking account to cover it, gave a sigh of relief, and then quietly drifted off to bed.  But of course, this afternoon the check showed up in my account as if it had posted on September 18th, even though I viewed my account at 2 a.m. the next day, September 19th, and the check wasn’t there.  This is the kind of shit I wrote about in What Is This, Sarcasm? that makes my blood boil.  I guess the new day I wrote about in A New Day Has Dawned has limits.  I borrowed the money I had allocated for that check knowing full well I might incur an insufficient funds fee.  And if it had presented a few days earlier, when the entire amount wasn’t in the account, I would have happily paid the $35 fee and been done with it because it would have been my fault.  I’m not proud to have to play these games, but skating this close to the financial edge requires running a few risks.  But it infuriates me when Bank of America rewrites history, when it moulds time to suit its purposes, and allows the check through just when enough money is in the account.  What’s the chance that the check presented conveniently a day before I transferred the exact amount into my account.  No, the check had not presented on September 18th.  And if the bank functions on Pacific time, then the money I transferred would have hit my account in time to cover it anyway.  Tomorrow I’m calling Bank of America and demanding back the $35 fee I paid today. Keep reading . . .