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Pocket Full of Change

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Total Black: $16.79
Total Red: $269,947.64

Ever since I was a lad, I kept my loose change in a container or piggy bank of some sort.  Not sure why.  Perhaps because males don’t get purses and wallets don’t typically have space for coins.  It’s come in handy many times.  Once, for example, when I was a boy, I counted and rolled all my spare change and came up with nearly fifty dollars worth.  I turned it all over to my mother and father because they had been going through some tough times.  Maybe one had been in the hospital.  I don’t recall now.  But I do remember how grown-up I felt to be able to give such a large amount to them.  Fifty dollars is no small beer even now and in the 1980s it was certainly worth more.  That habit has helped get me out of quite a few jams.  Keep reading . . .

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August 4, 2010 at 21:24


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Total Black: $6.71
Total Red: $245,625.09

No, not an emotional one.  A financial one.  Time to break down my finances for the month and lay it out for all to see.

I’m estimating much of the information here.  I still haven’t gotten paid from my current job.  Perhaps by the middle of next month.  So much of this data I’ve calculated on my own.  Once I get my first pay stub, I’ll update my financials.  For now, here goes:   Keep reading . . .