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My Christmas List

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Total Black: $2,078.05
Total Red: $230,820.17

Today is St. Nicholas Day. In the Byzantine Catholic rite, it’s a very special day. St. Nicholas is the patron saint of all Byzantine Catholic churches. As children my father would dress up as St. Nicholas for the entire elementary school. He’d also dress up as Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. It was pretty great having St. Nicholas as your father, so to speak. It’s a role he fit well and fulfilled his entire life. After mass was over, St. Nicholas would walk the halls of the school as all the school children sang “O kto, kto Nikolaja l’ubit,” translated from Church Slavonic means, “O Who Loves Nicholas the Saintly.” St. Nicholas would pass out candy and other treats to the children. Then we’d all assemble in the gymnasium for a special lunch. Keep reading . . .

In Medias Res

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While the beginning is a very good place to start, here it doesn’t seem to fit somehow.  My back-story is long and can be told another day.  And besides…no one’s seen this yet.  So really I’m just writing for myself right now.  But yes . . . this is my first ever blog entry.  So, expediting the formalities, here’s the main adjectives that one might employ in describing me: Male / 33 years-old / White / Gay / Adopted / Gemini / Lawyer / raised Byzantine Catholic / Penn State alum / Howard alum . . . and, of course, Laid-Off.  But I suppose the blog title already aptly notes that.

At the outset, I must confess that I just saw Julie & Julia yesterday.  I was probably the only person in the theatre who got stressed out by that movie.  And it stuck with me, so I started examining the origins of that gnawing feeling.  That prompted this.

In a sense, I am Julie: my apartment overflows with piles of partially-read books stacked for later, stacks of newspapers waiting for one of these days, days gone by with bills lying opened but unpaid, opened boxes not yet put away.  Let’s just say I have a bit of trouble finishing what I start.  But cluttered is not dirty.  I am a bit of a clean freak, that much I know, especially upon returning to my apartment after two weeks with a renter staying there.  I’ve heard a stereotype of  New Yorkers that they come across stylish, fashionable, and a cut-above-the-rest, but yet their apartments are nasty, dirty, and gross.  But I digress (and more on the renter later).  At any rate, since I’m great at starting things, I figured I’d start this blog.  And here’s what it’ll take to finish it. Keep reading . . .