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Keeping My Brother

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The other day a commenter posted a reply to one of my entries and asked how extensive your duty is to your brother.  That has to be one of the core questions of any society.  I don’t know that we’ve ever answered it.  But then again even neither did God.

The question “Am I my brother’s keeper?” comes from a translation of Chapter 4, Verse 9 of the Book of Genesis.  Different translations render the same word as “guardian” or even “babysitter”; regardless of word choice, the import of the question remains.  Cain had just killed his brother, Abel, thereby committing the first homicide.  Sometime later God asks Cain where Abel is.  Cain responds: How should I know?  Am I my brother’s keeper?  God doesn’t answer Cain’s question.  Instead He asks Cain what he has done, remarking that Abel’s blood cried out to Him.  God then punishes Cain, cursing him to a life of wandering.  Cain pleads with God that his sentence would effectively mean death, that others would kill him as he wandered.  So God puts a mark on Cain, a warning to others that they would suffer punishment sevenfold if they harmed Cain.  Cain then begets the rest of the human race. Keep reading . . .

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August 31, 2009 at 23:54