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Craigslist Addict

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Total Black: $751.20
Total Red: $230,772.32

It’s a Friday night and I’ve got nowhere to go.  And in Manhattan either you’re making money or you’re spending money.  And if neither, you’re nobody.

The contract attorney position I’m currently working wants us to work between ten to twelve hours a day.  The earliest we can start is 8am.  The latest 9am.  That is, once the project takes off; we were again at the firm today because the temp agency didn’t have the IT aspect ready yet.  But I digress.   That means, working the least number of hours and starting at the earliest possible, I’d be free by 6:30pm each night (allotting 30 minutes for lunch).  Or I can earn another seventy dollars and get out at 8:30pm.  But either way I gotta find a later night gig.  But first I may need to break my addiction to Craigslist. Keep reading . . .

It’s Only For Now

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Total Black: $1,243.57
Total Red: $230,820.71

I worked tonight at New World Stages.  Saw Avenue Q.  I mentioned in Cutting Costs, Corners . . . and Concerns that the last Broadway show I saw was over a year ago, and it was also Avenue Q.  I guess the show went off-Broadway at some point.  Haven’t really heard of that happening.  But at any rate, it’s a great show, but an especially pertinent one now with the economic climate where it’s at.  The show centers around a hodge-podge collection of characters (people, puppets, and monsters) living so close to skid row that they can only afford to live in Manhattan on fictitious Avenue Q.  It’s a great quarter-life crisis show with twenty- and thirtysomethings wondering what they should be doing with their lives.  The show struck me much more than it did last year. Keep reading . . .

Another Update on Efforts

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Total Black: $1,316.20
Total Red: $230,870.71

I thought I’d take today, like I did back in September in Update on Efforts, to give another update on my various ventures, joint and several.  I had visit ten today for the medical experiment.  I believe there are a total of thirteen.  Two weeks separates most visits so that means another two months roughly until I earn the $540 or so.  The doctor today observed that I have “slight tremors” in my hands when I hold them out straight.  I wonder if its from stress or the drugs.  The only other complaint I have is just muscle aches and pains.  But that too can be a symptom of depression.  I’ve noticed my vision getting blurrier.  Not good, especially since I had LASIK done back in February 2008.  I wonder if the blurry vision comes from the experimental medication or doc reviewing.  Both seem hazardous for your health. Keep reading . . .

Paycheck to Paycheck

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Total Black: $64.64
Total Red: $231,308.15

Tomorrow should be payday.  We get paid on Thursdays normally, but with Thursday being Thanksgiving, paychecks should be processed tomorrow.  If they aren’t, I’ll be spending Thanksgiving alone in New York with my cats because I don’t have the cash, and certainly not the credit, for a bus ticket back to Scranton.  I checked with the temp agency and they said we’d be paid tomorrow, so I suppose I’m exaggerating a bit.  Plus, even if my paycheck doesn’t post by tomorrow morning, I’m sure it will make its way to my account by Thursday morning.  Thankfully, computer automation doesn’t take days off. Keep reading . . .

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November 24, 2009 at 23:15

More Shenanigans

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Total Black: $295.48
Total Red: $231,123.38

Pay came through last night.  In fact, I was still awake around 2 a.m. when it showed up in my account.  I had been slowly siphoning the money in my secondary checking account, money that I had parked there for the COBRA payment to the firm.  By yesterday afternoon the check still hadn’t been cashed, so I transferred the remaining money into my primary checking account to use it buy a few things, like lunch and some groceries.  So last night when I saw that my paycheck had been deposited and the check still hadn’t been cashed, I quickly transferred the $399.22 (covering two months) back into the other checking account to cover it, gave a sigh of relief, and then quietly drifted off to bed.  But of course, this afternoon the check showed up in my account as if it had posted on September 18th, even though I viewed my account at 2 a.m. the next day, September 19th, and the check wasn’t there.  This is the kind of shit I wrote about in What Is This, Sarcasm? that makes my blood boil.  I guess the new day I wrote about in A New Day Has Dawned has limits.  I borrowed the money I had allocated for that check knowing full well I might incur an insufficient funds fee.  And if it had presented a few days earlier, when the entire amount wasn’t in the account, I would have happily paid the $35 fee and been done with it because it would have been my fault.  I’m not proud to have to play these games, but skating this close to the financial edge requires running a few risks.  But it infuriates me when Bank of America rewrites history, when it moulds time to suit its purposes, and allows the check through just when enough money is in the account.  What’s the chance that the check presented conveniently a day before I transferred the exact amount into my account.  No, the check had not presented on September 18th.  And if the bank functions on Pacific time, then the money I transferred would have hit my account in time to cover it anyway.  Tomorrow I’m calling Bank of America and demanding back the $35 fee I paid today. Keep reading . . .

On the Road to Debt Freedom

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Total Black: $84.50
Total Red: $231,084.38

I received a beautiful and encouraging comment today.  Definitely helps keep me going knowing that others have managed to get out of debt.  I appreciate too that she acknowledged the hiccups or speed bumps we encounter along the way.  Every seems ready to harpoon you if you’re not willing to give up a “luxury” item or just can’t bring yourself to take a certain action or give up a purchase or something.  As I’ve said many times, people in debt are still people, with weaknesses and needs like all others. Keep reading . . .

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November 18, 2009 at 23:53

One Hundredth Post

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Total Black: $173.95
Total Red: $231,084.38

In addition to bringing this, the second installment of my Ordinal Posts, Fiftieth Post being the first, today also brings my first reference by another blog.  Bitter Lawyer sent some sinners over to the confessional here.  The site’s post discussed the efforts of attorneys to gain employment through Craigslist and had me in stitches a few times because I’ve trolled the depths of Craigslist myself, as I noted in I Need a New Gig for example, and I’ve definitely come across the types of posts Bitter Lawyer referenced. Although most of my digital wanderings were through the gigs section, I do browse the Legal/Paralegal page from time to time and also run some targeted searches for “lawyer” or “attorney” through the “All Jobs” or “All Gigs” databases.  In fact, I’m not sure I ever mentioned it—I didn’t in the initial post, If You Find Yourself in a Hole—that I found my way to the Recession Art Sale through searching for “lawyer” on Craigslist.  But no, I haven’t found any legal work that way, well . . . other than legal temp work, that is. Keep reading . . .

Starting the Uphill Climb

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Total Black: $215.70
Total Red: $231,084.38

I received an email earlier today from the stage manager of the New World Stages about a possible position there.  I mentioned in Moonlighting that I had emailed her.  She said they’re only looking currently for holiday help.  I wrote back with a copy of my resume and mentioned my full availability.  It’s possible that my efforts could lead to two additional jobs.  The theatre gig and the recruiter gig with CHEST, the Hunter College social research position.  That may mean that on a given Thursday, I could end up working 9am – 5:30pm at the contract attorney position, then say 6:30pm to 10:30pm at the theater, and finally 11pm to 2am with the research position.  Wow.  That’ll be a rough pace to maintain.  But I’m certainly not getting out of debt without a struggle.  I’m ok with that, as long as the struggle builds character and is somewhat enjoyable along the way.

Payday will arrive on Thursday.  I really can’t wait.  It’s been nearly three weeks since I got paid.  Unemployment benefits did come through last week and the one before, but $385.00 isn’t much to live on.  And I need to pay my creditors.  I’m tired of the telephone ringing at 8:31 a.m.  Well, one good aspect to it, if my alarm doesn’t go off, I won’t end up sleeping too late.  They’re almost like my personal wake-up call.


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Total Black: $427.04
Total Red: $230,977.94

Looks like there’s work to be had again with the colleague I spent the month of August working for.  He called again tonight.  Actually, a few days ago he texted me to ask about more work.  I bunted by saying I needed to write up my hours.  Frankly, I wasn’t willing to work more without seeing any money.  I did though tonight.  I had finally written up my hours for the work I started in Hang a Shingle.  I don’t know why I’ve dragged my feet on it.  I guess I just hoped that he would pay me the $1,500 fee that we agreed upon.  I asked him for it in Pussyfootin’ Around.  It still hasn’t materialized.  He hasn’t billed the client yet though, so it’s not as if he has the money and is keeping it from me.  It looks like the work for him might heat up again, especially through the end of the year because he may have a job offer that would prevent him from doing any other work.  I’m wiling to help.  I like him and enjoy the work.  I just need to get paid for it. Keep reading . . .

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November 14, 2009 at 23:55

Adding Up the Numbers

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Total Black: $74.09
Total Red: $230,600.32

While talking on the telephone with a friend the other day, I ran some calculations and realized that even if I obtained steady contract attorney work I wouldn’t come close to reaching my goal.  Assuming a sixty hour work-week at forty dollars an hour, that nets me $124,800 after fifty-two weeks—before taxes and expenses.  I’ve only got thirty-six weeks left until 8/9/10.  Those calculations do not make me doubt achieving my goal of being out of debt in a year, but they do get me thinking that I need to step things up a bit on the supplemental front. Keep reading . . .