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Total Black: $6.71
Total Red: $245,724.55

When it rains, it pours, eh?  And when it’s shines . . . it’s hot?  Not sure what a corollary to that old adage would be, but today goes down in the books.  The blog broke a few records.  Read the rest of this entry »

Debt Vultures

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Total Black: $191.73
Total Red: 226,391.08

Ah blogdom.  Truly a brave new world where nearly anyone can swoop in start plucking apart your innards.  At least in the days of print media commenters had to take time to put their thoughts in a letter to the editor.  And invariably the mad rantings of strangers got filtered out.  But now you open yourself up to anyone out there, including any vultures swarming, looking for a kill.  A few comments received earlier today on Cold Feet prompted me to write a reply.  After three paragraphs, I opted to turn it into today’s post. Keep reading . . .

Spectacles and Spectators

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Total Black: $65.07
Total Red: $230,428.77

I referenced back in Schadenfreude a comment left by a reader, accusing me of preferring to make a spectacle of myself instead of just switching apartments and moving to Queens, as he suggested.  That comment and others to my post Moving Out . . . or Up? got me thinking about commenters in general and why we take time out of our day to comment.  And why it is that the negative commenter weighs in more often than the rest of the spectators out there.  Keep reading . . .