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Stressed Out

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Total Black: $41.89
Total Red: $229,148.69

Over the past few days, I’ve been feeling extremely and unusually stressed out.  Not exactly panicky, but damn near it.  And it’s really over nothing.  Total red creeped up a bit because of finance charges and a few purchases.  It’s only up by about by about $200.  Not unreasonable.  Images come to mind of dough that keeps rising and then needs to be punched back down.  Or whack-a-mole.  Or even a hydra: cut off one head and two more grow back in its place.  I’m working two jobs.  Last week I put in sixty-three hours at the contract attorney position.  Yet it feels like I’m spinning my wheels.  I’m not.  Not really.  The only major drain on incoming finance is my apartment.  And I’ve heard enough from commenters on that one.  So much so that I’m almost beginning to dread going home.  That’s a horrible feeling to dread the only refuge you have.  I’ve been bringing or making my lunch nearly every day this week and last.  Me and Dinty Moore have grown apart.  I’ve been steppin’ out with Hormel.  Add some ketchup, a bit of brown sugar, and nuke it for about three minutes and you’ve got a tasty lunch that fills you for quite a while.  So why am I still so nervous? Keep reading . . .

As Above, So Below

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Total Black: $3,311.75
Total Red: $230,569.24

I started re-reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne again last night, shortly before my midnight bonfire.  Like many books in my life, this is another I haven’t finished yet.  But I’ll have to buckle myself down to finish it.  I felt better last night as I read it.  It’s authenticity aside, it is a book full of hope and empowerment.  That’s something anyone can use.  Keep reading . . .

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November 1, 2009 at 23:04