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It’s Only For Now

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Total Black: $1,243.57
Total Red: $230,820.71

I worked tonight at New World Stages.  Saw Avenue Q.  I mentioned in Cutting Costs, Corners . . . and Concerns that the last Broadway show I saw was over a year ago, and it was also Avenue Q.  I guess the show went off-Broadway at some point.  Haven’t really heard of that happening.  But at any rate, it’s a great show, but an especially pertinent one now with the economic climate where it’s at.  The show centers around a hodge-podge collection of characters (people, puppets, and monsters) living so close to skid row that they can only afford to live in Manhattan on fictitious Avenue Q.  It’s a great quarter-life crisis show with twenty- and thirtysomethings wondering what they should be doing with their lives.  The show struck me much more than it did last year. Keep reading . . .