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Meerkat Manor

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Total Black: $349.29
Total Red: $235,224.00

I had an interview this morning with a freelance reporter.  It’s the third request from a journalist via the blog and the second interview I’ve given.  The first journalist balked at my request for anonymity and we never reached to interview stage.  The second was willing to work with me on anonymity, but he didn’t get approval for the article and so the interview was for naught.  The third didn’t even ask my name.  We talked for just over a half-hour this morning.  All three wanted to talk about lawyers struggling with student loans.  Except the journalist today.  He wanted to talk about contract attorneys as well.  I figured I can’t leave the land of temp lawyers without a few more posts dedicated to the quirks, oddities, and irregularities of contract attorney work. Keep reading . . .

Nerves a Jumble

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Total Black: $1,048.98
Total Red: $227,468.57

Today I am scheduled to interview for the opportunity mentioned back in Decisions, Decisions.  And I’m nearly nauseous thinking about it.  The complications associated with relocating for a year-long position—or the anxiety if it were for two years—it’s gnawing at me.  Plus distance is a factor.  Unfamiliarity with the locale.  And, frankly, the reality that I could end up in a worse financial position.  I’m left wondering when, if ever, is it appropriate to make a move that could improve your career standing but leave your finances in even worse shape. Keep reading . . .

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

March 18, 2010 at 16:01