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Permanent Vacation

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Total Black: $109.30
Total Red: $270,623.78

Yesterday was the first day I spent under the Caribbean sun.  I actually wrote this post on Saturday but had to adjust it to accommodate my Twelfth Day of Accounting as yesterday was the 10th.  With an afternoon spent in the sun, it passed my mind completely.  Lord & Lady took me out on their boat.  We sailed over to Buck Island, a national park untouched by man.  Well except for the random droppings he leaves behind.  Or she—like the tampon applicator I came across in the bushes.  But I digress.  I shot this photograph from the edge of the water with my iPhone.  We needed to know the time.  The temperature of the water varied in an instant from refreshingly cold to amazingly warm.  And the colors!  From this turquoise to teal to deep blue.  Just within a few feet.

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Greener Pastures

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Total Black: $2,689.14
Total Red: $235,111.49

Although I only visited the new location for all of thirty-six hours, I think it has already started sinking into my system.  The sense of serenity and calmness I had two nights ago, sitting on the beach, starting out at the ocean.  It keeps returning to my mind.  Understandably, as the porch where I stayed at opened right out on to this amazing view: Keep reading . . .

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May 13, 2010 at 23:11