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Grown Ass Man

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Total Black: -$164.84
Total Red: $269,947.64

I was chatting with a former law firm colleague today via gchat. At one point in the conversation she wrote that she wondered when her “real” life was going to start. She’s an adult, of course, but still feels like a kid. I’ve wondered about that too: when does adulthood finally arrive. Does it come in the middle of the night when you magically become eighteen? Like the Tooth Fairy? Does some “Adult Fairy” take your youth away while you sleep? Or does it happen when you finally leave home? Maybe when you get married? Or Have a child? What about when you earn your first degree? Or your last?
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August 6, 2010 at 22:20

Big Fish, Small Pond

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Total Black: $1,375.96
Total Red: $270,000.16

I referenced back in Time to Shine the opportunities that may present themselves here.  I’m starting to see things materialize.  I recently was “drafted” to serve on the executive board of a local organization.  It’s a new organization and may provide a significant amount of exposure.  Keep reading . . .

What a Mint!

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Total Black: $2,352.41
Total Red: $269,991.43

Last Sunday, while bored at home waiting to leave to meet some guy for one of those quasi-dates—those “let’s grab a drink” things.  Never materialized.  It was raining too much.  The place we were going to meet at was closed on Sundays.  He’s local so I suspect he may have gotten cold feet.  But I digress.  Anyway, while waiting at home to leave, I started browsing the App Store on iTunes on my iPhone.  Time-killer, right?  Well, I came across one app, Seize the Day, that looked interesting.  Downloaded it.  It’s an app to keeps track of tasks and alerts you to outstanding To-Do list items.  Do we need it?  No.  We can just take a pad of paper and create our own To-Do list.  The iPhone has a Notes section too.  But I thought, why not!  Anything to help organization in this cluttered, electronic world.  But it was the app for the personal finance website that really intrigued me.  Keep reading . . .

Ain’t Missin’ You At All

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Total Black: $3,253.08
Total Red: $270,855.95

Yesterday Officemate asked whether I missed New York.  I laughed and paused for a moment to scan my feelings and consider the question.  The answer: not really.  Sorry New York, I ain’t missin’ you at all.  Keep reading . . .

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July 17, 2010 at 21:36

Permanent Vacation

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Total Black: $109.30
Total Red: $270,623.78

Yesterday was the first day I spent under the Caribbean sun.  I actually wrote this post on Saturday but had to adjust it to accommodate my Twelfth Day of Accounting as yesterday was the 10th.  With an afternoon spent in the sun, it passed my mind completely.  Lord & Lady took me out on their boat.  We sailed over to Buck Island, a national park untouched by man.  Well except for the random droppings he leaves behind.  Or she—like the tampon applicator I came across in the bushes.  But I digress.  I shot this photograph from the edge of the water with my iPhone.  We needed to know the time.  The temperature of the water varied in an instant from refreshingly cold to amazingly warm.  And the colors!  From this turquoise to teal to deep blue.  Just within a few feet.

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Declare Your Independence

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Total Black: $455.46
Total Red: $249,541.52

Happy Independence Day!  At least those of you who are American or live in the United States.  And regardless whether you do, why not use today as an impetus to revitalize your commitment to freedom.  Keep reading . . .

I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

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Total Black: $4,217.45
Total Red: $240,969.58

Lord & Lady took me out last night.  They’re unmarried but live together.  We went out to celebrate Daughter’s birthday.  Lady’s daughter moved here just recently with her boyfriend.  I met Daughter back when I first visited the location, mentioned back in Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.  She and her boyfriend are nice too.  And I’m liking Lord & Lady more and more each day.  Doesn’t seem as if there will be problems with them as my landlords. Keep reading . . .

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June 6, 2010 at 20:20