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What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

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Total Black: -$199.61
Total Red: $269,947.74

This is the end.  My only friends.  The end.  Of my elaborate plans.  The end.  Can’t you picture what could’ve been?  So limitless and free.  Desperately in need . . . of some . . . stranger’s hand.  In my desperate land.  It hurts to set you free.  But you’ll never follow me.  This is, after all, the end.    Keep reading . . .

Twelfth Day of Accounting

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Total Black: $109.30

Here’s the Breakdown:

Primary Checking: $12.21
Secondary Checking: $80.64
Savings: $5.50
PayPal Account (Personal): $0.00
PayPal Account (Blog): $0.00
Amazon Payments Account: $0.005
Mutual Funds Account: $0.00

FICO Score 513

Total Red: $270,527.19

Here’s the breakdown:

Credit Card Debt:

Master Card: $4,699.50
Visa: $7,651.50
Visa: $4,000.00
American Express: $2,382.10
Raymour & Flanagan Credit Line: $6,340.68
Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card: -$0.10

Student Loan Debt:

Federal Stafford Loans: $94,504.20
Private Student Loans: $31,610.26

Back Taxes:

IRS (2007): $0.00
IRS (2008): $27,041.05
IRS (2009): $0.00

NY State (2008): $0.00
NY State (2009): $0.00

Other Loans:

My mother: $72,000.00
My sister: $1,800.00
Auto loan: $18,498.00

Well, there it is.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  All laid out.  And that’s about as “bad” and as “ugly” as it’s gonna get.  But certainly not as good.  Keep reading . . .

Sigh of Relief

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Total Black: $592.88
Total Red: $252,353.44

Well, just over five hundred dollars is all I have left from the ten thousand dollars my mother loaned me today.  Never thought I’d “burn” through that much money in less than five hours.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t fun. But it was relieving.  A sigh of relief for sure.  Keep reading . . .

Oh, Mother!

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Total Black: $6.71
Total Red: $245,701.55

Palm to face!  It is with a heavy heart that I write today’s post.  Keep reading . . .

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

June 29, 2010 at 21:56

Gotta Hold On

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Total Black: $179.87
Total Red: $245,700.21

My mother telephoned today.  The money still isn’t available.  And probably won’t be on Monday either—the day I’m supposed to pay the IRS.  Gotta hold on.   Keep reading . . .

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

June 25, 2010 at 22:27

Thank You, Thank You, Mama!

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Total Black: $4,074.17
Total Red: $242,186.50

There’s no chance that my mother would ever see this blog.  Not unless I were to print out each entry for her to read, I suppose.  So I understand that this post is a bit misdirected.  But that said, I wanted to express my inability to ever properly thank my mother for all of her help.  Keep reading . . .

Black and White and Red All Over

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Total Black: $1,070.69
Total Red: $

Total black is up because pay came through.  A portion has already been allocated to bills, however, so the numbers aren’t exactly accurate.  Total red is actually lower than what is shown.  It’s probably back down to $229K.  Of course, I say “back down” but really it’s back up. Keep reading . . .

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

March 25, 2010 at 22:01

Try With A Little Help

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Total Black: $3,852.08
Total Red: $226,493.03

Total black is way up because I asked my mother for help once again.  She loaned me $4,000, money which I will use to cover February’s rent and part of March as well.  I paid January’s rent last week, along with late fees for January and February, but I’ve just not been able to pull the rest of February’s rent together.  I’ll get paid tomorrow, and that will amount to about $1,500, but it wouldn’t be enough.  And now it’s March already.  And the landlord’s management company doesn’t want to accept part payments.  So, it will be much easier to pay my mother back in small installments rather than pay the landlord.

Today’s post is short because I stayed home from work today due to a bad cold that hit me unexpectedly last night.  So it’s even more of a blessing that I could borrow money from my mother because next week’s check will be down by at least $300 or so, the amount I would have earned today.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

March 3, 2010 at 22:43

More More More

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Total Black: -$66.34
Total Red: $229,108.48

All day long a non-existent Lady Gaga tune has been going through my head.  An imaginary earworm, if you will.  In that husky voice of hers, she chants “More More More” and sings about all the people pulling at her.  Since this past weekend, I’ve felt the same.  It started with an email from my sister scolding me for not calling my mother.  Credit card companies won’t let up.  Even commenters are getting a bit demanding.  And now the temp job too.  Can you hear her?  More more more . . . . Keep reading . . .

Short Post, Long Day

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Total Black: $2,419.37
Total Red: $231,219.37

This entire weekend has been daily trips to and/or from New York.  On Thursday, Thanksgiving morning, I rode the bus to my mother’s.  On Friday, I drove her car back to New York.  On Saturday, I drove the car back to Pennsylvania.  Today I drove it back out to New York and back to Pennsylvania.  It only took six hours.  I passed three separate accidents along the way.  And each time, the opposing traffic slowed to a crawl for no reason!  None.  There was nothing blocking our way except nosy neighbors.  Infuriating!  Now tomorrow I’ll make the trek back to New York, this time by bus.  Let’s just say I’m tired.  But I finally remembered to bring the paperwork I need for my meeting tomorrow with the judge.  I teased my mother and her female friends this evening over pizza, reminding them to think of me at thirty-three being so forgetful the next time someone tells them they’re getting forgetful.

Short post today.  I’m beat.  I neglected to mention in To Confess or Not to Confess that total black is way up because I borrowed rent money from my mother again.  I’ll get paid this week but it will only be for twenty-five hours since we lost Thursday and Friday due to the holiday.  But it’s back at it tomorrow . . . whenever I finish my morning meeting.  And I’ll be sure to send the money back to my mother as soon as possible.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

November 29, 2009 at 22:57

To Confess or Not to Confess

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Total Black: $2,452.95
Total Red: $231,191.81

I arrived back in Scranton just after four o’clock.  My sister had sent me a text message at 1 p.m., while I was still in New York, telling me that my mother wanted her car back by 4 p.m.  It takes about two hours or so to drive from New York to Scranton.  Her abrupt text left me just barely enough time.  So, I grabbed a big bag of laundry, hopped in the car, and drove west.  Somewhere in the middle of New Jersey a flash of white heat overtook me when I realized that I had forgotten the paperwork that I had driven all the way out there to retrieve.  I actually found myself in a cold sweat.  I don’t think that has ever happened to me before.  And frankly it’s all because of my sister.  Or I suppose I should say because of the power I give her over me. Keep reading . . .

Bus Tickets and Cell Phones

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Total Black: $97.22
Total Red: $231,308.15

As I suspected in Paycheck to Paycheck, this week’s pay from the temporary attorney staffing agency didn’t post today even though they had told me it would.  This agency pays on Thursdays.  I did receive the paystub in the mail today though.  At least I know how much to expect in my account.  I trust it will post by morning. Keep reading . . .

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

November 25, 2009 at 23:45