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That Man Behind the Curtain

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Total Black: $635.37
Total Red: $270,000.16

Felt a draft today.  Went right up my dress.  In a manner of speaking, of course.  I uncovered a gap in my blogging security that might have revealed my true identity.  And we can have that!  Or can we? Keep reading . . .

A Cold Blustery Walk Home

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Total Black: $63.30
Total Red: $230,428.32

As I walked to the subway this morning, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in hand, I remembered that my subway card was per use and not unlimited monthly.  Last week, when it ran out, I thought I’d save a bit and buy per ride instead of the monthly pass because of the days I’d lose this month over the holidays.  Not a smart idea as I forgot that I was running low on rides on the card and I spent the few remaining dollars I had on that damn cup of coffee.  I had enough to get me to work on time, but nothing to get me back home. Keep reading . . .

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December 21, 2009 at 23:04

Fourth Day of Accounting

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The 10th of the month has arrived already and with it comes my fourth day of accounting.

Total Black: $64.23

Here’s the Breakdown:

Primary Checking: $0.06
Secondary Checking: $0.00
Savings: $0.00
PayPal Account (Personal): $0.22
PayPal Account (Blog): $0.00
Amazon Payments Account: $0.00
Mutual Funds Account: $63.95

FICO Score 497

Total Red: $230,977.94

Here’s the breakdown:

Credit Card Debt

MasterCard: $5,813.86
Visa: $8,268.35
Visa: $5,737.47
American Express: $2,398.31
Raymour & Flanagan Credit Line: $5,903.91

Student Loan Debt

Federal Stafford Loans: $96,810.17
Private Student Loans: $33,840.63

Back Taxes

IRS (2007): $1,280.08
IRS (2008): $27,952.00
NY State (2008): $0.00

Other Loans

My mother: $42,973.16

Total black this month is abysmal.  Keep reading . . .

Antics of an Art Salesman

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Total Black: $128.71
Total Red: $230,272.86

Well, so far I’ve sold three pieces of art.  That’s roughly a thousand dollars in commission already.  And we still have two more days to go. Keep reading . . .

First Things First

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Total Black: $1013.98
Total Red: $230,649.18

First paycheck from my first real doc review job came through today.  The check I referenced in Pay Day was for contract attorney work, but not document review work.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot of money to work with, but that’s because we didn’t work a full week last week.  Next Friday’s paycheck should be substantial.  Typically on the morning I got paid, in a sleepy morning stupor (or even sometimes in a half-alert middle-of-the-night disorientation), I’d determine which bills to pay and for how much.  More often than not, my paycheck would be distributed to various creditors within hours of it hitting my bank.  I’m not going to do that today, even though the urge to is nearly overwhelming.  Instead, I’m going to send a little bit to everyone.  Making the minimum payments on even two credit cards or on my cellphone and electricity bills would pretty much wipe out income for the week.  Then I’d be back to Spaghetti-Os.  Yesterday’s stroll down Memory Lane, hand-in-hand with Chef Boyardee, was enough.  Plus I need to keep the bulk of this check for rent, which hasn’t been paid yet.  Keep reading . . .

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October 2, 2009 at 07:34

B(l)ack in the Red Again

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Total Black: -$24.67
Total Red: $230,649.18

It was deja vu all over again today as I stood in CVS this afternoon, looking to buy food with the few dollars I had available. I have to confess—that is the point of this blog after all, isn’t it?—that I pulled from my blog PayPal account the money I received from my first (and only) donation. About two weeks ago, I purchased a flash drive to use for the Recession Art Sale. No one had one and we needed to get images over to my computer so I could get our catalog in order. The image files of the artwork were too large to send via email. I had no other money available and we were a day away from our Monday night opening. So, I caved and transferred the $48.25 (what remained after PayPal took its cut from the $50 donation I received) into my personal PayPal account and used that money to purchase the flash drive. But since my personal PayPal account is linked with a PayPal charge card, I’ve been using that card (and the money attached) over the past few days to buy food, something I swore I wouldn’t do. Sorry. I haven’t owned up to it yet because I’ve been embarrassed that I caved. I supposed I could have waited a day or two, or perhaps I could have walked back to my apartment to pick up some rewritable DVDs and burned the image files to those. But, in the moment, I didn’t think of that. Keep reading . . .

Second Day of Accounting

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It’s the 10th.  My day of accounting.  Here’s this month’s breakdown:

Total Black: $462.36

Here’s the Breakdown:

Primary Checking: $347.14
Secondary Checking $0.00
Savings $0.00
PayPal Account (Personal): $4.62
PayPal Account (Blog): $48.25
Amazon Payments Account $0.74
Mutual Funds Account: $61.61

FICO Score 565

Total Red: $228,312.70

Here’s the breakdown:

Credit Card Debt

MasterCard     $5,700.00
Visa     $8,005.65
Visa     $5,413.38
American Express $2,448.00
Raymour & Flanagan Credit Line $5,698.98

Student Loan Debt

Federal Stafford Loans: $94,504.20
Private Student Loans: $33,986.57

Back Taxes

IRS (2007): $2,230.60
IRS (2008): $27,478.73
NY State (2008): $2,846.59

Other Loans

My mother: $40,000 (+ $8,000 she’s carrying on one of her credit cards–not added into total red).

Some progress, albeit slow.  Last month my FICO score was 562.  It went up by three points.  My total debt seems to have done down a lot since August 10th.  I think that was a mistake in my math.  There hasn’t really been any significant movement on either black or red since I started this blog.  Curious.  Two additions to total red: I’ve added in a PayPal account for blog donations.  As I noted in Getting Out of the Quicksand, I’m not touching those funds until there’s enough to pay off a bill (or until time on the project runs out).  The other addition is a mutual fund account I started reinvesting with.  Savings have to start somewhere.  Daily posts of total red include some amount, here roughly $60, that isn’t accessible but gets tailed on the plus side of the equation. Keep reading . . .

Getting Out of the Quicksand

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Total Black: $119.60
Total Red: $228,312.40

Total black today includes my first blog donation!  I suppose that, even when you open your hand to let others help you, you’re not always prepared to receive it.  When I read the donation notification email, it unleashed an odd array of feelings.  I felt humbled, humiliated, proud, and excited.  Kind of wasn’t expecting those emotions.  But thank you!  You know who you are. Keep reading . . .

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September 8, 2009 at 22:02

Slow Going

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Total Black: $175.62
Total Red: $228,464.16

Had a brief but short-lived drop in total red this morning.  For the past few days, my bank’s software hasn’t been updating account information from SallieMae.  This morning I decided to get it working.  When I did, my total red dropped by roughly $4,000.  “Woo-hoo,” I thought!  “Progress!”  See, back in 2008, I used a portion of the firm’s severance package to pay off one of my smaller private loans—approximately $1,200.  I needed some feeling of accomplishment, so rather than splurge on needless goods, in a moment of clarity, I opted to pay off a debt.  (Starting this blog was a similar moment.  Sadly most of my life they’ve been rare.)  So earlier this morning I thought perhaps this whole time some software error hadn’t updated the bank’s number to reflect that loan as paid in full.  Alas, no such luck.  Turned out that only two of the three remaining private loans were showing.  So I deleted the account and re-added it.  That time it took.  Back at roughly $228K total debt. Keep reading . . .

Buy Me a Beer?

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Total Black: $310.07
Total Red: $228,363.23


So . . . you wanna buy me a beer?  How about it?  You choose: domestic or import, tap or bottle.  I’ll be sure to toast your good health as I drink it down. Go ahead.  Click on the glass.  You know you want to.
Keep reading . . .

Day of Accounting

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Well . . . breakfast is complete.  The tea steeped and drunk already.  (And I’m about to start the coffee . . . generally don’t like coffee upon waking.)  And yet no blog.  But for good reason.

I began to blog, but then remembered that I needed my credit score and all the financial data first.  That took a bit of time and purchasing (having to pay for credit reports and scores annoys me).  So, now I begin again.  But first . . . an initial digression about the date (as the telephone just interrupted me), then another digression about money. Keep reading . . .