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What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

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Total Black: -$199.61
Total Red: $269,947.74

This is the end.  My only friends.  The end.  Of my elaborate plans.  The end.  Can’t you picture what could’ve been?  So limitless and free.  Desperately in need . . . of some . . . stranger’s hand.  In my desperate land.  It hurts to set you free.  But you’ll never follow me.  This is, after all, the end.    Keep reading . . .

Paying Ahead, Falling Behind

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Total Black: $472.38
Total Red: $269,947.64

As promised in And Again . . . , I called American Education Services, the student loan lender that I had set-up with automatic bill pay.  And now I remember why I stalled for so long.  Businesses don’t make it easy for you to untangle yourself from the electronic webs they weave.  Keep reading . . .

Last Update On Efforts?

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Total Black: $1,404.21
Total Red: $235,585.30

The monthly earnings report from arrived via email the other day.  I haven’t earned that much.  But it prompted me to think about all the various efforts to date in supplementing my income.  It may not be easy finding different gigs in my new location. Keep reading . . .

A Nice Gesture

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Total Black: $1,247.35
Total Red: $235,215.12

I’ve become a bit jaded with lawyers these past few years.  My troubles with the Colleague and his refusal to pay me.  Then there’s the landlord’s lawyers and all of their shenanigans involving my apartment and the numerous rent demands and then proceeding initiated back in October or November; although I may have been late, I always paid.  No matter to them though.  And we can’t forget the ol’ pals at my former law firm and how they kicked twenty of us (and many more since) to the curb because of the Great Recession.  And last and least are many of the contract attorneys I’ve had to work around or even with in some cases.  Not many bright and shining stars of the profession there.  So today when I met with my future co-clerk here in Manhattan I was touchingly surprised. Keep reading . . .

Try With A Little Help

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Total Black: $3,852.08
Total Red: $226,493.03

Total black is way up because I asked my mother for help once again.  She loaned me $4,000, money which I will use to cover February’s rent and part of March as well.  I paid January’s rent last week, along with late fees for January and February, but I’ve just not been able to pull the rest of February’s rent together.  I’ll get paid tomorrow, and that will amount to about $1,500, but it wouldn’t be enough.  And now it’s March already.  And the landlord’s management company doesn’t want to accept part payments.  So, it will be much easier to pay my mother back in small installments rather than pay the landlord.

Today’s post is short because I stayed home from work today due to a bad cold that hit me unexpectedly last night.  So it’s even more of a blessing that I could borrow money from my mother because next week’s check will be down by at least $300 or so, the amount I would have earned today.

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March 3, 2010 at 22:43

Wise or Unwise

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Total Black: $1,551.96
Total Red: $229,283.54

Whether wise or unwise, I’ve done it: as set out in Resolutions For the New Year, one credit card will be paid off by the end of January.  That leaves me with another to pay off by the end of February and then a student loan by March.  And I can’t wait!  As odd as it may sound, I actually can’t wait to pay bills now. Keep reading . . .

The Sound of Silence

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Total Black: $2,051.97
Total Red: $230,820.71

I noticed the other day that I was feeling a bit lonely.  I supposed it was just a touch of the post-holiday blues.  That wasted feeling after a burst of built-up of excitement and anticipation is released.  Turkey gobbled-up in under an hour even though it took nearly six to cook.  Stuffing stuffed down your throat.  This Thanksgiving I enjoyed anything but relaxation and comfort, so I figured that perhaps my inability to relax over the long holiday had something to do with my feeling a bit down. Keep reading . . .

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December 4, 2009 at 23:57