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Hoarding and Spending

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Total Black: $1,160.18
Total Red: $229,702.52

Another night with bubbles and boys.  I worked two shifts at the theatre tonight.  And between shifts, while I ate, I relaxed a bit and read more of Mind Over Money by Brad and Ted Klontz.  In Chapter 7 they discuss what they refer to as money-worshiping disorders, “disorders that place  disproportionate amount of importance on money: earning it, saving it, spending it.”  They go to note that all three disorders  “share a common thread in that they all arise from scripts that equate money with safety, self-worth, and/or happiness.”  The section on hoarding really struck a cord. Keep reading . . .

Wear and Tear

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Total Black: $94.32
Total Red: $226,478.27

I read further in Mind Over Money this afternoon during down time at the theatre; I worked as Greater again.  Since the authors, Ted and Brad Klontz, are father and son, they benefit from unique insights into their own family’s financial histories and each others.  Something the father wrote reminded me of a refrain my mother repeat often in my youth: wear and tear on the car.

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Fight, Flight, or Freeze

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Total Black: $521.48
Total Red: $227,180.54

In Financial Neighborhoods, I mentioned how the authors of Mind Over Money referenced the instinctual responses to perilous situations as fight, flight, or freeze.  I had never heard “freeze” included when referencing the fight-or-flight response.  It’s absence, now that I’ve noticed it, is a clear oversight on the part of psychologists.  The authors of Mind Over Money cite the triple-F response mechanism because that response is often triggered in times of financial difficulties or when we face financial struggles.  It seems asinine to imagine a primal response to something so contemporary as managing finances, but it happens.  Quite often.  To me as well. Keep reading . . .

Financial Neighborhoods

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Total Black: $1,520.58
Total Red: $229,468.86

I worked both jobs today: contract attorney by day, off-Broadway usher by . . . evening I suppose.  Haven’t found me a “by night” just yet—even though I’ve been consistently looking.  Tonight at New World Stages I worked as Greater, directing patrons towards ticket-taking, the box office or will-call, bathrooms, etc., and then after the shows end back to exit.  Tonight was my first time working that position.  I surprised myself that raising my voice and talking over the chattering crowds crowding the entrance doors caused me a wee bit of discomfort whereas a co-worker next to me just spoke up and shouted out instructions.  Perhaps that’s one difference between an actor and a lawyer: all actors have to be able to project their voices while all lawyers do not.  I don’t recall if I mentioned in prior posts that all but one of my co-workers are actors or singers or just theatre people generally.  The outlier also works in law but as a paralegal.  That my co-workers are all theatre people is one reason I really enjoy working at New World Stages.  The atmosphere is young, and fun, and exciting, full of the optimism of youth.  Life’s endless possibilities waft through the air.  More so than the stank of desolate, staring-at-a-dead-end attorneys.  But I’m digressing from today’s topic: financial neighborhoods. Keep reading . . .

Constant Craving

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Total Black: $1,084.44
Total Red: $228,537.79

Nope.  Not a post about k.d.  Although I did think about uploading that song—that is, until I googled the lyrics.   Odd.  At any rate, all day today I had these crazy bouts of spending urges. Keep reading . . .

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

February 12, 2010 at 23:23

Money Scripts

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Total Black: $685.16
Total Red: $228,657.45

Every so often you stop and take account of the inherent curiosity of life and its serendipitous moments.  It can give you pause and make even the doubting-est Thomas believe that maybe there is some . . . thing . . . else at work behind the scenes.  Call it energy, God, consciousness:  nonetheless it can take you by surprise and slap a smile across your face.  Yesterday reminded me of that.

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