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Total Black: $3,990.14
Total Red: $240,969.50

Day One of a criminal trial.  Defendant is accused of assault with the intent to murder along with a few other charges.  The incident allegedly happened last year, right down the road from the courthouse, when the defendant shot at the victim while both were driving down a public road.  The issue highlights a serious problem currently plaguing the Virgin Islands: retaliatory crimes.  Keep reading . . .

Such a CARD!

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Total Black: $90.46
Total Red: $229,121.20

Ah Congress.   That austere body.  The bequest to countless generations of the Founding Fathers.  And how we have squandered that bequest.  Today the CARD Act went into effect.  And what major changes does it enact?  What manna from congressional heaven will fall?  Not much really.  Keep reading . . .