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Pouring Down

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The past few days have brought nearly nonstop rains to the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Flash-flooding warnings.  The island of St. Croix is very mountainous so in a short stretch of land one can go from up high to down low.  And at the bottom of that high can be a large amount of water that pooled quickly.  I’m happy I have a jeep to plow through road lakes.  It’s got me thinking though about making it through a hurricane season.  Something I’ve never had to think about before. 

It’s almost unreal.  The amount of water that pooled after a few hours of downpour was startling.  And this was just a storm.  I’m told that  we occasionally get our equivalent of “snow days” when so much rain falls that the roads are closed and we’re kept home from work.  With conditions like that possible, I most certainly will need to follow the government’s advice and get myself an emergency kit prepared.  Repeatedly throughout this past weekend the power here blinked off and on.  It didn’t go out.  This time.  But electricity has gone out quite a few times since I moved here.

Over the Fourth of July weekend it went out while I was showering.  “Oh well,” I thought.  “I’ll just hop in the shower.”  I had to head over to Lady’s condo in Fredericksted, referenced back in Declare Your Independence.  I didn’t know, however, that you can’t shower when the power’s out.  Because the water is piped up from the cistern by an electric pump.  So there I was, all soaped up—when the water stopped.  Like just a dribble from the shower head.  I thought I had used up all the water actually since I had spent the day prior mopping the floor.  At any rate, I’m covered in soap and I didn’t see a way to revive the water flow, so . . . I ran out and jumped in the pool and finished my shower there.

Ah . . . island life, eh?

But as I mentioned, I really do not have any frame of reference for how serious hurricanes can be.  Katrina clearly clued me in but it’s not the same as living through it. Lord & Lady mentioned when I arrived that the house we live in had been blown away in the last major storm, Hurricane Hugo in 1989.  The summary on Wikipedia is fairly frightening.  I was not aware of the extent of the destruction back in 1989.  I trust that we’ll be save this time around.  But it’s certainly something I’ll need to prepare for.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

July 19, 2010 at 23:46

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  1. Gross…did you poo & pee in the pool too, after all you couldn’t flush, right?



    July 20, 2010 at 15:45

  2. Well, isn’t that what the chlorine is for, after all? But no . . . I had taken care of all that—if you must know—before the power went out.

    Laid-off Lawyer

    July 20, 2010 at 16:31

  3. I went to St. Croix after my 2L summer, and our plane actually flew through far edge of Hurricane Dean. I had to spend a whole day of my vacation sitting at a bar because the rain was too intense to go anywhere. Sad. 🙂


    July 20, 2010 at 18:49

  4. Make sure your hurricane kit is stored in a plastic box and plenty of ziplock plastic bags. It really sux when you open the tiolet paper to find its wet. 1 gal water per day and canned food. Been there, done that.

    set me up

    July 20, 2010 at 19:28

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