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Total Black: -$219.61
Total Red: $269,947.74

I’ve spent the past few days pondering what to do with the blog.  Do I want to continue blogging?  If so, how?  Under what conditions?  You don’t spend a year of your life engaged in the same daily routine without a bit of difficulty detaching yourself.  But daily blogging has been taxing.  And what about my deadline?  This blog has come to its pre-arranged conclusion.  If we don’t honor the rules we set for ourselves, how can we expect others to?  The solution?  Keep reading . . .

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August 10, 2010 at 20:56

And Then There Was One

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Total Black: -$199.84
Total Red: $269,947.64

I received a comment today on a post from a few months back, No Holiday For Lawyers.  The commenter acknowledged that she was a late to that table; that post has been up since President’s Day.  But she acknowledged that she was making her way through the prior posts.  Intriguing that it was that post that prompted her to comment as another person, mentioned below, also reached out to me just as she reached that same post.  Curious.  I don’t see a problem with “late” comments.  Though some of the posts form an interlocking story. Sockpuppets and Doppelgängers, for example, can’t be fully understood without reading Breakfast with Narcissus.  Other posts stand on their own.  As such, why shouldn’t someone comment months or even years later.  But it’s fitting that, with only one day left until this blog comes to its pre-arranged termination, new readers are making their way through three-hundred, sixty-two prior posts.  Keep reading . . .

That Man Behind the Curtain

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Total Black: $635.37
Total Red: $270,000.16

Felt a draft today.  Went right up my dress.  In a manner of speaking, of course.  I uncovered a gap in my blogging security that might have revealed my true identity.  And we can have that!  Or can we? Keep reading . . .

Sockpuppets and Doppelgängers

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Total Black: $1,545.96
Total Red: $270,000.16

If Above the Law‘s David Lat thought the brouhaha in Breakfast With Narcissus was a bit of a catfight, I wonder what he’d say about the commentary to that same post.  Nothing is what it seems on the Punch & Judy internet show.   Keep reading . . .

Breakfast With Narcissus

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Total Black: $129.96
Total Red: $270,000.16

Yesterday began a little tête-à-tête in the comments to Knut’s post Raise. Your. Voice. on his blog First Tier ToiletKnut alleged that he dropped my blog from his blogroll because I’m narcissistic and write about boring things like what I ate for breakfast.  So, let’s have some breakfast with Narcissus, shall we?  What am I serving up today?  Keep reading . . .

19 Days Left

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Total Black: $4,565.28
Total Red: $270,599.27

Today was the first time I noticed that the countdown timer I set-up months back on the website has counted itself down to double digits. That startled me for a second. Not that I’m upset or distraught that debt elimination looks unlikely in the next eighteen days. But more so because I’m unsure what to do when it counts down to zero.
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July 21, 2010 at 21:18


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Total Black: $6.71
Total Red: $245,724.55

When it rains, it pours, eh?  And when it’s shines . . . it’s hot?  Not sure what a corollary to that old adage would be, but today goes down in the books.  The blog broke a few records.  Read the rest of this entry »