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Total Black: $85.68
Total Red: $229,309.51

Total black is down even further from throwing money at another of my credit cards.  I sent over three hundred dollars through to the card in smaller payments.  As I noted in Change Is Gonna Come, who says you have to make your minimum payment to a credit card in one lump sum, especially when, as with Bank of America, you can just transfer money from your checking account directly to your credit card accounts.  That’s one way I intend to get my Bank of America accounts down—slowly and steadily chipping away at them.

Early post, but I awoke from a dream a little while ago and figured I’d just stay awake.  I was dreaming in Polish.  I think I had a night where I dreamt in Polish while on the other long-hour project back in October.  Maybe long hours staring at a computer screen does strange things to your subconscious.  I had another guilt dream about not keeping in contact with the friends and colleagues I made while I served in the United States Peace Corps.  It’s an odd experience dreaming in another language.  Of course, you understand everything because it is, after all, your own mind constructing the scenes playing out.  But upon waking you feel a bit disoriented.  That feeling will probably stay with me throughout the day now.  Not a good one because I’m in for a long haul.

I’m back at the theatre tonight, working two shifts.  I got in eleven hours yesterday at the contract attorney job, leaving by 11:30pm because I stepped out for two hours during the day to go to the gym.  That puts me at 38.5 hours for the week, not counting today’s hours and about five more I hope to get in on Saturday.  Today’s plan is to get to the building by 7am so I can work until 6:30pm and then head directly to the theatre afterward.  The hours are taking their toll.  But it’s worth it.  Since I’m awake this early, I figured I’d hit the gym before work.  And if I’m going to make it, I need to leave soon.  So I’ll have to end this post here.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

January 15, 2010 at 06:06

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