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Two Weeks Left

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Total Black: $961.36
Total Red: $235,291.98

It’s downhill from here.  Only two weeks remaining until I my time in New York is finished.  But you really couldn’t tell if you looked around.  Hardly anything packed.  I’m still working insane hours.  And neither looked poised to change any time soon. 

I hawked today at the theatre.  Two shifts: 11am and then again at 2pm.  In between I was scheduled to show the apartment to a prospective new tenant.  I said he should stop by at 1pm.  That gave me ninety minutes to finish my shift, count my profits and turn in the bank, and then head back to the apartment to clean up the place a bit before he arrived. 

So far I’ve only had a few bites on showing the apartment.  This guy today would have been prospective tenant number four and visitor number three.  But he flaked.  At 1:11pm he emailed me to say that the “boss called” and that he’d be tied up all afternoon.  I was very irritated.  My time is valuable as well.  Thankfully I didn’t take time off from any job but just used the widow between shifts.   Had I delayed going in to the contract attorney position for this flake I would’ve been pissed off. 

So back to work for 2pm and then immediately thereafter over to the contract attorney position for about 5:30pm.  I ended up working over nine hours tonight and didn’t get home until about 4am!  Yet another weekend preparing the same materials that I prepped back in Runnin’ Me Ragged: on Mother’s Day weekend.  Weekend number two.  And what . . . all-nighter number three?  One thing I must say that I’ve enjoyed about working these late nights—besides the hours, of course—is that I log into Netflix and stream episodes of 24 while I prep and organize these binders.  I suppose it’s a bit ethically grey that an attorney is effectively watching television while working—but I don’t know if I could stay awake without it.  I mean, I worked from 11am until 4am today.  That’s about seventeen hours straight.  And these materials have to be prepared for the next day because the next day trial resumes.  If the firm weren’t small, or if the paralegals or actual associates put in the hours necessary to prep these materials, or if the other contract attorney didn’t live out on Long Island . . . .    If, if, if . . . .  Sorry, but it’s got to get done and I’ve got to stay up to getter done, so no apologies here on my TV watching.  Better than illicit drug use.

Guess this is what trial feels like, eh?  I’ve now pulled more all-nighters as a temp than I did as an associate.  Thankfully, only two weeks left.  I don’t know how much more I can endure!

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

May 16, 2010 at 23:41

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